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Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (RA) to (Dr) Taqiduddin Hilali


Correspondence 889 (خ) dated 12th of Sha’baan 1406 AH (21st of July 1983)

In the name of Allah (SWT), the most beneficent the most Merciful

From Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baz (RA) to honourable brother respected Dr Muhammad Taqiuddin Hilali (HA) and may Allah (SWT) grant him Taufeeq towards Khair (Ameen).


Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

And thereafter, I received your letter dated 12th of Sha’baan 1403 AH and may Allah (SWT) immerse you in His guidance. What you have alluded to I have understood and you want to know my opinion about stopping the Salary of brother Ahmed Muhaani when he goes out with Tableeghi Jamaat.


I would like to give beneficial advice that his Salary which we deliver through you will be continued because his going out with Tableeghi Jamaat is not condemned tourism because he wanders in cities and towns for Dawah (towards Allah (SWT)) and meets honorable people and not so (honorable) and their (Tableeghi) Ijtemaas which occur in Bangladesh are attended by many people (honorable and not so) as we have been told by those trustworthy Ulamah who we were sent to attend the Ijtema last year.


Your condemnation of their Khurooj (i.e. going in the path of Allah (SWT)) and your proof that the statement of Al-Hafidh Ibn Haj’r (Al-Asqalani (RA)) that a person wanders around and considers his wandering his worship and chooses to live (in solitude) in caves, hilltops and jungles is contrary to the actions of Tableeghi Jamaat because these people don’t leave (their homes) for solitude rather they exit for the benefit and reform of people, thus there is difference between them and those seek solitude.


And we beseech Allah (SWT) to give you Taufeeq towards actions for His pleasure for verily he is Most Beneficent.


Was-Salamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (RA) to Audh Ibn Audh Al-Qahtaani

In the name of Allah (SWT), the most beneficent the most Merciful

From Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baz (RA) to honourable brother respected Audh Ibn Audh Al-Qahtaani and may Allah (SWT) increase his knowledge and Eemaan and increase His (SWT)’s abundance and blessings upon him, wherever he (Audh) may be. (Ameen)


And thereafter, I received Your letter and whatever you have elucidate in it I have understood the question about Tableeghi Jamaat and as to whether their methodology is correct ?


Is their method and framework correct and there any obstacles in joining them and what is the status of leaving in the path of Allah (SWT) with them?


People narrate differing accounts regarding them, some praise them while others object to them but we have enquired about them from trustworthy brothers from Najd (Saudia) who have accompanied them in their travels and also made journeys to India/Pakistan and they have not made any mention of matters which are objectionable in Shariah or would prevent in joining them.


I have also witnessed many people who have spent time with them and they went out with them because they were impressed by them and their conditions and ideas about Deen, Akhlaaq (morals) and Aakhira had become good, therefore I see no impediment in leaving with them and to cooperate with them in Dawah. Moreover, people of knowledge and foresight should engage in this work (of Dawah) and should correct and reform if they (people of Tableegh) commit any mistakes or errors because there is impressive effect in their Seerah and actions ,and those who are well known in indulgence in sins and divergent from Deen are effected by their companionship and with this I am enclosing a letter of our teacher Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem Aal Shaykh (RA) in which he praised this Jamaat and its work and therein he encourages people to make Nusrah (provide assistance to them) and prevents people from placing impediments in their path .


In the letter he mentions that their main aim is to give sincere advice and talks in the Masajid, to guide people towards (goodness) and to establish people towards Tauheed and good Aqai’d and to encourage them to act upon the Kitaab & Sunnah to prevent them from Bi’dah and (blameworthy) useless matters.


You will also find attached a photocopy of research by our trustworthy brothers rector Muhammad Amman Ibn Ali (rector of Jamia Islamiyya, Hadeeth and teaching) Madina Munawwara who was sent last year by the Jamia accompanied by Shaykh Abdul-Kareem Muraad who is also a teacher and he is known amongst us and also knows Urdu language along with Arabic as he attends the annual Ijtema in Pakistan, regularly.


The summary of their report is that their work is praised and people are encouraged to join this work of Dawah and to attend the Ijtemaas and to treat (the people of Tableeghi Jamaat) with goodness and excellent manners.



Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (HA) to Falih Ibn Nafi Al-Harbi

Correspondence 889 (خ) dated 12th of Sha’baan 1406 AH (22nd of April 1986)

In the name of Allah (SWT), the most beneficent the most Merciful

From Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baz (RA) to honourable brother respected Shaykh Falih Ibn Nafi Al-Harbi (HA) and may Allah (SWT) increase his Baseerah (foresight for Islam) and expand his breast for actions suited for His (SWT)’s pleasure (Ameen).


Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

And thereafter, I received your letter dated
22nd of Rajab 1406 AH and the objections

raised towards Tableeghi Jam’aat I understood.


Whatever I wrote regarding the Tableeghi Jamaat and before me our respected Shaykh (Allamah) Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem Al-Shaykh (RA) [who was the Mufti of the of this Kingdom of Saudia in his time] who also praised Tableeghi Jamaat and I understood your objections towards it.


You have devalued Shaykh (Allamah) Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem Al-Shaykh (RA)by referring to him as “Ibn Ibraheem” and I disliked it! And I also disliked those whom you have referred to who have disagreed with the Shaykh (RA) with regards to his opinion regarding Tableeghi Jamaat and I am astonished! Where is their knowledge and their opinion (in comparison)? (Who are they) compared to the Baseerah, understanding, depth in knowledge, foresight and steadfastness of our Shaykh (RA) ? .


We (Alhumdolillah) are upon Baseerah on our Deen and we don’t compare benefits and harms and we prefer where our heart finds peace.


We investigated the affairs of the Tableeghi Jamaat and our contentment (of the heart) is towards agreement and alongside it those are deficient should be encouraged to reform (themselves) out of good will because deficiency is part of human nature apart from whom Allah (SWT) protects.


If our teachers and student brothers whom you have pointed to should have kept in touch with these (Tableeghi) people and participated in their work (of Tabeelgh) and guided them and tried to reform their deficiencies and shortcomings and guided them where they committed mistakes it would be of great benefit to Islam and Muslims.

But, to hate them and to stay away from them and to warn people from mixing with them is a mistake and its harm is greater than its benefit.


So my brother! Reconsider your opinion and beseech your Lord (SWT) with humility to expand your breast towards actions which are pleased to Him (SWT) and which bring benefit to his bondsmen and to show you the path of truth in this matters (of difference of opinion) and I ask Allah (SWT) to show me and you truth as truth and falsehood as falsehood and to abstain from it as His (SWT)’s special favour and not to let the haqq and falsehood become (mixed up) upon us otherwise we will be misguided and Surely He (SWT) is Capable of it and Owner of it.


Was-Salamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,


You have referred to honourable Shaykh Muhammad Amaan (HA) that he has retracted his opinion in which he has praised Tableeghi Jamaat and stated that they are the originator of fictitious tales and baseless stories and people of Bid’ah.


So know that Shaykh (HA) has denied this and is astonished by these opinions (attributed to him) and has stated that I had written from observation and Yaqeen and I am still of the same opinion (of praising Tableeghi Jamaat) and whosoever asks him about the Tableeghi Jamaat he refers to his report (of Bangaldesh Ijtema) so it’s wrong to attribute this opinion towards him.



A Report on Annual Tableeghi Ijtema


Shaykh Salih Ibn Ali Al-Shawaymaan (HA).

In the name of Allah (SWT), the most beneficent the most Merciful,

To my respected father respected Shaykh Abdul-Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn baz (RA)







Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

And thereafter, today dated 1st of Raibul-Awwal 1407 (4th of November 1986) my holidays started and on the 3rd of Rabiul-Awwal I travelled to Pakistan along with Ulamah and students of different groups to Pakistan. These Ulamah and students belonged to “Al-Jamia Al-Isamiyyaa”, “Jamiatul-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Al-Islamiyyah”, “Jamia Al-Malik As-Saud” and others and we witnessed some astonishing events there.


When we landed at Lahore airport a Jamaah (group) of pious youngsters welcomed us whose faces and beards were illuminated with the Noor (light) of Ilm (knowledge) and Eemaan. We went to the Airport Mosque and after praying the Sunnah gathered together and sat down in a Halaqah. We were from various localities and then from amongst those youth one of them stood up and spoke in an amazing manner which penetrated the hearts. Then the buses came and transported us to Raiwind Ijtema site and the Ijtema was on such a beautiful site that it filled the heart with “Al-Khushu” and the eyes became wet with tears of fear (of Allah (SWT)) and happiness.


This Ijtema resembled the gathering of Jannah in the sense that there was no shouting or yelling, no Laghw (irrelevant and useless matters), no lies and no chaos but the surroundings were nice, clean, organised and free from foul smell and filth.


It was organised and structured in a disciplined and graceful manner with no traffic (jams), no police and no security guards although there were in excess of a million souls there but life was continuing along its natural course and this natural course (of life) was encircled with Halaqahs of Dhikrullah, speeches, teaching and learning day and night.


I swear by Allah (SWT) that it was an Ijtema through which dead hearts are revived and Eemaan strengthens and gets illuminated. So how wonderful and majestic (of a scene) it was! A scene which placed the pictures of the lives of the Sahaba (RA), Taba’een (RA) and Taba-Taba’een (RA) in front of our eyes.


There were talks of effort of Deen, Ilm & Dhikrullah, (inculcating) good habits and (to make) movements for Islam and faces radiant with knowledge and Eemaan.


You would not have heard anything but Tauheed of Allah (SWT), Dhik’r, Tasbeeh, Tamheed ,Takbeer and recitation of the Qur’aan. Saying Asslamo Allaikum wa Rahmatullahi and Jazakullah Khairun was the norm there.


Everything there was pleasing to the heart and Sunnahs of Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) were being revived and freshened every moment. In short, there were practical teachings of adopting the life based upon the book of Allah (SWT) and Sunnah of Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and how fortunate and wonderful such a life is! A desire arose in my heart many times that such an Ijtema should have taken place in Saudi Arabia as the era of Malik Abdul-Aziz (RA) has given rise to an illuminated age and every moment is competing to surpass the last one (in virtue and goodness).


There were people from various countries of the world in the Ijtema but as if they were of the same face, same intention and of the same the purpose like they were children of the same man as if Allah (SWT) had created a single heart and then distributed it amongst them (all) and it served no purpose but to fulfill all the commandments of Deen and to reform the Muslim youth and to bring Non-Muslims to the path of Allah (SWT).


Those (unknown people) who spread rumours about them dare to criticise these pious souls when Shaykh Abdul-Majeed Zindaani (HA) said, “These are heavenly beings who walk on this earth!”


So who are those who dare to criticise them and accuse them of matters which are not present in them?


In my opinion, Tableeghi Jamaat has the same objective as Saudi Aabia which is to reform all of humanity and to bring them to the straight path and to spread peace and harmony in the world.


So which of these (matters) is objectionable?

After Esha (Salah) when the speeches are all completed and you gaze your eyes to the right and to the left you will find nothing but gatherings of knowledge and you will find beneficial information from wherever you may find yourself and you will benefit no matter which Halaqah you may sit in.


When people are fast asleep you will witness them standing (in Salah) like Pillars and in the last part of the night you will hear their crying in the presence of their Lord (SWT) like buzzing of a honey bee and you will witness that they are beseeching their Lord (SWT) with utmost humility for the sins of the whole Ummah to be forgiven and for the whole Ummah to be delivered from the fire of Jahannum and for the entire Ummah to be given Taufeeq (of Hidayah) and to live their lives according to the Sunnah of Mustafa (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam).


So this Ijtema deserves that every Scholar and every student and every Muslim who fears Allah (SWT) and has hope in the Day of Judgment should attend it.


May Allah (SWT) give the best of reward to those who worked in it and to give steadfastness and to assist them and to benefit the Muslims from them, for verily he is the Listener, the Acceptor.


Those who were appointed to serve were Hafidh of the Qur’aan. The one grinding the flour commenced his task with “Bismillah” and then continued with “Subhanullah, Alhumdolillah, Allahu-Akbar”, the one kneading the dough commenced his task with “Bismillah” and then continued with “Subhanullah, Alhumdolillah, Allahu-Akbar” and the one making bread commenced his task with “Bismillah” and then continued with Tasbeeh, Tamheed and Takbeer. We heard them and we witnessed their Dhikr and yet they didn’t know that we were watching them.


So Purified and Exalted is Him (SWT) who opened their eyes and granted them Taufeeq for their Dhikr and showed them the straight path and surely this is desired by every Muslim.


O honoured Shaykh! The reality is that whoever will sit in their company will become a Daee Illallah (inviter towards Allah (SWT)) due to their experience and companionship.

I wish! That while I was a student at the Jamia I would have recognised this Jam’aah (Tableegh) and engaged in this work so today I would have been an Allamah of the knowledge of his work. I swear by Allah (SWT), I consider this Deen! And soon I will be questioned regarding it, that day when no wealth and no sons will help anyone.


I wish that all those who work (under you) would attend this Ijtema and for them to proceed in the path of Allah (SWT) along with them so that they may learn Ikhlaas (sincerity) and the work of Dawah with the Akhlaaq (mannerism) of the the Sahaba (RA), Taba’een (RA) and Taba-Taba’een (RA).


In the end I beseech Allah (SWT) to give us the correct understanding of the truth and to follow it, to give us the favour of doing righteous deeds and to grant us the Tawfeeq of Ikhlas (sincerity) and action, to protect us from the evil of our Nafs (self) and the evil of our desires and Shaytaan and to grant honour to His Deen, to elevate His Kalima and to strengthen our kingdom with Islam and to strengthen Islam with it and verily He (SWT) is the owner of it and has control (over it).


Written by your Son

Shaykh Salih Ibn Ali Al-Shawaymaan (HA)

Ad-Dawah Wal-Irshaad Unaiza








Tableegh Jama’ah

Fatwa No : 87749

Fatwa Date : Rabee’ Al-Awwal 28,

1425 / 18-5-2004


Is it true that some Islamic scholars including Bin Baaz gave a fatwa saying that it is haram to follow jamaah tabligh?




Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

We do not know of a Fatwa by Ibn Baz (Rahimahu Allah) in which he forbids going out with the Tablighi Jamah. On the contrary, we notice in his Fatawa that he incites to cooperate with them and to advise them.

In his response to Iwad Bin Iwad al-Kahtani, when the latter inquired about this group, he stated that it was confirmed from trustworthy people who kept company with them that they did not notice anything contradictory to the Shariah, or anything that would prohibit going out with them. He mentioned some of their positive effects on whomever accompanied them, and he does not see any harm in going out with them.

The people of knowledge should cooperate with them and make up for any shortcomings that may result from them.

Speech No. 1155 dated 05/09/1399 A.H.

In his response to Abdel-Selam Al-Sulaimani he stated that he learnt from trustworthy people who are impossible to lie, like the lecturers of Tawheed in the Islamic University (Al-Jami’a Al-Islamiya) and others, that the Tablighi group are patient in calling to Islam, being affectionate and steadfast.

Allah guided, thanks to them, many people who are astray.

Ibn Baz was advising the people of knowledge to participate with them in calling to Allah so that they would help each other. It is not appropriate to judge the Jama by the shortcoming of some individuals amongst them.

It is incumbent upon a Muslim to advise his Muslim brothers with soft words, and not run away from them or make other people dislike them .

Speech No. 325 dated 20/03/1406 A.H.

In his response to Ibrahim Abdurrahman al-Hussein Ibn Baz stated that he is still holding to his opinion in what he wrote about them previously, because, thanks to them, Allah benefited enormously other people, and guided many people.Therefore, we must thank them for their efforts and encourage them and draw their attention to things that they might not be aware of, because Muslims must advise each other.

He urged people to go out with them and gather with them. He stated to those who contradict them the following:

You have to stop criticizing them, or do what they have done.”

Speech dated 27/01/1407 A.H.

Ibn Baz responded also to Saad Bin Abderrahman Alhussayn to doctor Taki al-Dinn al-Hillali and criticized them about discrediting this group. He also responded to Fahih Bin Nafi’i when he criticized them, and praised them and confirmed his view by standing by their side but advising them with regard to the shortfall that could result from some of them, as everybody is subjected to imperfection, this is the human nature.

He stated that running away from them and warning people not to mix with them is a serious mistake as these causes more harm than benefit .

Speech No. 889, dated 12/08/1406 A.H .

Apart from Sheikh Ibn Baz, there are those who praised this group and those who criticized it.

A Muslim has to ask Allah often for guidance about things on which there is a difference of opinion, and to seek the truth without fanaticism, and to cooperate with those who work for Islam on whatever truth they are upon and not to imitate them if they deviate from the truth, nobody is infallible after the Prophets.

The words and actions of every person could be accepted or rejected.

However, we have to advise with wisdom whomever deviates from the truth, and explain to him the truth with the best manners.

We have to supplicate a lot with the supplication that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) used to make at the beginning of the night prayer which is:

O, Allah! Lord of Jibreel, Mikaael, and Israafeel, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Knower of the Seen and the Unseen, You are the Arbitrator between Your Servants in that which they have disputed. Guide me to the truth by Your leave, in that which they have differed, for verify You guide whom You will to the straight path.”

In addition to this, we draw your attention to the fact that a person should be keen in educating himself, by learning what is required of Tawheed and Islamic rulings. To know that Allah has a right upon him, his body (soul) has a right upon him, and his wife (and family) has a right upon him, so he has to give the right of everybody. He has to benefit from the point of view of others on himself, and not to be content with oneself, and not to call to Allah except with something he is sure about, that it is from Allah and His Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam).

Allah knows best.


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